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A Call to Arms

The Web version of the Window is now in its second major incarnation. It popped up on the internet in the early nineties and the discussions began... At first, it was a wild ride with lots of community involvement and regular changes. But as many regulars have noted, the rules haven't been updated for some time. I have had to move on to other projects.

It is now over ten years since the first version of the Window appeared. Since that time, the roleplaying industry and your truly have changed quite a lot. The fellow who wrote this was a young, idealistic gamer with visions of grandeur. Frankly, some of the pretentious bellowing in this manuscript now makes me cringe, or at least laugh heartily.

But don't get me wrong. I still use the Window for most of my games, and I invite you to try it yourself. The mechanics are solid. I even think that 90% of the philosohpical stuff still stands on its own merits.

I'd like to thank you for visiting. Unfortunately, due to the evil Satan that is Spam, I've been forced to shut down my Window email box. If you really want to get in touch with me, please visit my portfolio site:


Scott Lininger
Methods in the Madness