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What it is

The Window is a transparent portal into the imagination, a roleplaying system designed with the simple belief that roleplaying is about story and character and not about dice and dick waving. For over five years now the Window has been quietly infiltrating the roleplaying community, changing and growing on the progressive edge of the hobby.

Many of the people who have started using the Window had long since concluded that the term "roleplaying system" is a contradiction in terms. Structure for structure's sake limits creativity and too many rules interrupt the narrative flow. What they wanted was a system working as transparently as possible, allowing them to build the story without concerning themselves with empty mechanics or mathematical charts. They also were looking for something that would quickly and seamlessly mold itself around their own stories and settings, a universal set of rules which could fit any genre without being generic and flavorless.

That is what the Window strives to be: simple, usable, and universal. There's not a lot to it, admittedly, but that's the whole idea. In the end, the Window is more a system of philosophy than a system of rules; if you share these viewpoints on roleplaying then you'll probably like these mechanics, and if you don't, you probably won't.

In addition to all its flighty philosophical bonuses, the Window is also free! You can take this text and do with it as you wish (for your personal use, mind you.) Make photocopies, download it, print it out, Email it to your friends in Australia, whatever you like. Please, just give us credit for the work that we have done, and include a copyright notice like the one on the credits page. (And if you think that the Window isn't worth the photons it's printed on, at least you didn't pay $30 for it like all those dozens of commercial systems collecting dust on your bookshelf!)