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Below are some sites you may find interesting.

Denver Gamers Association
The DGA is a gaming organization in Colorado that I regularly volunteer for. Every DGA Convention for the past five years (at least!) has been the site for a number of Window games, run both by myself and other local Window supporters. If you've been looking for some really excellent conventions that actually have good roleplaying events (and not just Window, either), then Genghis or Tacticon might be worth the trip.

The Stage
This is the original setting for the Window. It fits nicely into the horror/conspiracy genre, with information that can be used to run stories from dark ages to near future.

Children of Fire
This is another game hosted by Methods in the Madness. It has nothing to do with the Window, but in many ways it's in a similar vein. Unlike the Window, this RPG is intimately tied to its setting.

This is an RPG developed by some friends of mine, which is also intimately tied to its setting. It is a sci-fi game set in a future where mankind has been forced to move society beneath the oceans.