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Plotting Rolls

Plotting rolls are unique in that they are made by all of the characters at once. The results of a plotting roll are more abstract than the results of the other types, but they can be very useful if used properly.

Plotting rolls are called for by the Storyteller at times when the story hangs at a crossroads, and all of the characters are involved with what might happen next. For example, this could be as the troupe enters a dark and deserted house, as they careen into an exciting chase, or when a deadly conflict is about to unfold...

In such a case, the Storyteller can ask for everyone to make a roll on a certain trait or skill, without a set target number. Then, the results which come up serve to give plotting guidance for what happens next.

If certain characters roll low while everyone else rolls high, they might see a pivotal warning sign before their companions. Those who roll poorly might be unable to take initiative as a combat breaks out. If everyone rolls well, then perhaps the troupe gains an upper hand of some sort or avoid an unfortunate situation. The possibilities are endless.

Plotting Roll Example:

The unrelenting wind howled past the Threat Response Team as they walked through the Gobi sandstorm. Faintly, before them, they could just make out the silhouette of a low building. The Leftenant struggled to be heard over the maddening gale as he ordered everyone to ready their weapons. He sent corporal Shannon to reconnoiter ahead.

"Plotting Roll. Everybody give me a perception save," said the Storyteller.

Each member of the squad tossed their perception die and called out the results; two 6s, a 12, a 14, and corporal Shannon rolled a 2.

Erupting from the building came a trio of screaming witche. Reacting with the speed of lightning, the corporal hit the sand. A burst of pyrokinetic flame tore over him and knocked down the Leftenant (12) and the woman (14) standing next to him. The other two soldiers rolled to the side, raised their weapons, and began to saturate the entire building with heavy weapons fire.

The Storyteller spoke: "Shannon, there's gunfire and explosions all around you. You raise your head and see the lead witche summon some sort of shimmering barrier between it and the rest of your team. The bullets are bounding off of it, and the wind is being deflected. But you might get a clean shot if you act quickly."

The corporal didn't hesitate. He raised his 10mm rifle and said a prayer to the United States Marine Corps, where he first learned guns. "I shoot that mother in the face, man."