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How it Works

Whatever means you use to come up with your character is up to you and your own creative process. Thus, there isn't a lot to this section. You no doubt have your own passions that inspire you, and all that you need to do is delve into them and come out with a character idea that interests you.

As you develop the seeds of your character, be sure you understand the world and the kind of story the Storyteller has in mind. Ask him any questions that will affect your final concept before you get totally connected to it. As you translate the character from your imagination onto paper, make sure that the Storyteller is there as you do it. He will very likely have questions which will help both of you get a firm grasp on who this person is. As your character history evolves he may offer some plot threads to help the character meld smoothly into the story and into the troupe. Though the Storyteller will never understand your character as well as you do, it's imperative that he understands well enough to tell a good story.

Some people are good at fashioning a very refined character with their first effort. Others discover that it takes them a lot of thought and often several sessions of roleplaying before they really get into their character's head. The Storyteller and your fellow actors are a great ally in achieving this goal. (The Tips and Tricks page of this section also has some ideas to help you flesh out your character.)


Once you've completed the internal process of creating your character, all that remains is to sit down with the Storyteller and define the rules part of the character, a step known in the Window as character solidification. If you've done the work of making the character real in your mind, this part should be easy.

With each inherent trait, simply come up with an adjective that matches your character image, and then fit it into the appropriate competency rung to find the proper die. To define your skills, brainstorm the list of definitions that describe your character well, set an adjective to each of them, and attach the die from the competency ladder that works best. You may have whatever skills you wish and assign whatever adjectives best fit your character image, so long as the Storyteller approves. Use the examples in the Window Character Menagerie as a guideline, and just go for it.

You're finished! Now you can concentrate on getting comfortable with your new role.