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The Quearo Verum

In 1965, an internal power struggle took place within the Juvat. Several respected members sought to take a more proactive position against the Matar. To this end, they formed a secret cabal that they called the Quearo Verum. Operating outside the scope of their normal activities, these members of the Juvat began hunting and killing known Matar. Between 1965 and 1967 we estimate that they were responsible for the deaths of about forty-eight Matar and nearly one hundred Locura. Eventually, however, the cabal was uncovered and all of the Quearo Verum were expelled from the Juvat.

In 1982, a disenfranchised Juvat Attendant named Elisabeth Malatesta left the organization and began contacting all of the former Quearo Verum. With the aid of the cabal's old leaders a new Quearo Verum was created.

Today, they exist as a sort of underground network. The goals are the same as before, but their methods have become much more violent and unchecked. The group attracts the most volitile elements from the Juvat.

Ostensibly, Malatesta "runs" the group, but outside a small circle of former Juvat all she can really do is point the Quearo Verum in certain directions. Her agents are scattered across the globe and rarely come into contact with each other. As a result, the Quearo Verum's operations sometimes seem chaotic. Still, Malatesta's campaign of guerrilla war with the Matar has thus far proven to be very successful. The disorganized nature of the group is also its protection. No one can strike at all of the Quearo Verum.


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