Forces Unseen

Old Families
The Host


There are things in this world which defy explanation, and there are events which lie beyond our comprehension. A Host of spirits and ghosts haunt the earth.

The Angelic Choir is certainly proof of the aforementioned statement. Angels or demons? It is difficult to say. These spirits mystify us. Most ghosts and noncorporeal beings are tenuous at best. They usually lack an ordered mind or purpose. Yet the Choir is almost a society unto itself.

Masquerading as angels of Christian and Hebrew legend, the Angelic Choir wanders the earth for reasons all its own. We have had a particular interest in these beings since we first learned of them. However, we have had little success discovering what drives their actions. Witnessed on battlefields and holy ground, they manifest themselves to the faithful and faithless alike.

The Old Families on the other hand, represent the tangible aspect of the unknown. Generation after generation, each dedicated to the cataloging and pursuit of things that lie beyond the scope of our imaginings, they have inserted themselves into every aspect of the supernatural. Mystics, magicians, ghost hunters, and scholars, the Old Families have explored the unknown for almost two hundred years.These three families are bound together with the unseen forces at work beneath the surface of the everyday. They are as much a mystery in their own right as the ghosts they seek out.

These bloodlines have been considered insignificant players for generations, but in the past seventy years our Order's opinion of them has changed to one of great respect. In the years to come they may play a pivotal role.


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