The Terminus
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The Terminus is an attempt to define the actions and the goals of a select group of individuals operating in the shadows. The principle players in the Terminus are a society of precognatives known as the Juvat, a violent splinter group called the Quearo Verum, a group of mysterious beings named the Matar, and a select number of otherwise normal people drawn into the conflict because they possess the potential to change the world.

With the exception of the last group, each party is seeking to control the future. The Juvat, the Quearo Verum, and the Matar are all currently trying to affect the shape of the future by seizing control of so called "free willed" individuals. All three groups believe that while the line of the future is not preordained, most of the human populace chooses to become set in a predictable course of actions. It is this predictability which allows precognatives to "see" the future. There is free will, but it is rarely exercised. However, there are certain people who do choose free will and, as a result, act in unpredictable ways.

These people, usually called Loci, number in the tens of thousands across the globe and have the potential to shape the flow of history. As a result, there are elements of each group constantly trying to locate these people to insure their particular vision of the future.

Of course, just because a Loci acts outside of the boundary of predictability, it doesn't necessarily mean that they can be used to sculpt that vision of the future. Only a small number of them can be used or manipulated to alter certain specific points in time. These Prime Loci are the tools with which the Terminus is constructed.


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