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We are not the only ones interested in the unknown. For centuries there have been societies that dedicated themselves to the pursuit of the supernatural and the paranormal. However, it is only until recently that governments began sponsoring such groups. The most notable were the Victoria's Ghost Hunters of the 1800's in England, but there were and are others.

In America at the end of the Civil War, a group of Secret Service agents briefly investigated a malignant substance called the Darkness. Although this group was short lived, it left behind a legacy that would, in time, be taken up once again.

In the early 1980s a man named Eliot Morgan brought together a group of federal agents and began investigating the Darkness once more. This group, the Shadesmen, was fated to be short lived and fraught with intrigue and tragedy.

The two groups mentioned above represent only one aspect of the government sponsored investigators of the unknown: the accidental one. Neither the 1800 or the 1980 groups were purposely designed by their governments to seek out the paranormal. They either stumbled across some aspect of the supernatural or were covertly formed with their government's finances, but not its overt knowledge. DPL agencies on the other hand, are groups formed at the express request of a government.

Since the early 1950s there have been DPL agencies. A byproduct of the Cold War and closely resembling other espionage groups of the period, DPLs seek to "neutralize" threats of a supernatural nature. The DSI in America is a perfect example. Nearly autonomous within the government it serves, it engages in covert warfare with anything that it deems of "unknown origin."


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