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One of the after affects of Leonard Cabbot's Secret Service group was the creation of the Shadesmen. In 1985 an NSA agent named Elliot Morgan organized a group of investigators for the sole purpose of continuing Cabbot's work. We postulate that he must have uncovered some documents that escaped Cleveland's purging, but he was killed in 1992 before we were able to interview him. By then, his covert activities within his own government had branded him a traitor.

The first action he took was to bring together a group of well trained professionals under his personal auspices to gather information about Cabbot. None of the agents knew each other personally. They were each carefully screened and selected from separate agencies, and they were not paid directly by the government. Using his authority as a high level NSA official he began appropriating the excess funding that his department received and started to fund his own private operation.

The first mission was to investigate certain events in Delilah, Nebraska. Our order attempted to obtain the recorded mission reports in 1993, but were deterred when we discovered that the NSA had confiscated all of Morgan's personal documents. We were able to uncover that the mission found the remains of Leonard Cabbot and the lamp that was given to him in 1891 by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Sometime during the mission, the team also encountered a man posing as an FBI agent by the name of Jackson Cage. A background check on him through the National Security Data Network traced him back to the U.S. Department of Special Investigations. We were able to interview him as part of our 1992 investigation and he told our interviewers that the Shadesmen were still active, though they had severed all ties with the NSA.


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