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The Ordinates

After the final decree of the Caledonian council, the twelve Ordinates left behind began their task of hunting the renegade Amaranthites of the Recreantheum. Even to those of us within the Order, the Ordinates seem more like mythical figures than real individuals. No Knight has ever discovered physical evidence of them. At most, all we have ever found are records, personal diaries of people who came into contact with them, or obscure folktales.

However, we must believe that they do exist. We know from Bill Kanigher's testimony that at least one Ordinate named Eiran recruited humans as Amaranthite hunters. We also believe that he, or another Ordinate, may have had a hand in the development of the American Old Families. Unfortunately we also know that Eiran killed himself sometime prior to 1921. This leads us to believe that whatever the Allegiantheum sought to end or avoid may still await them.

They do not confront the Recreantheum directly, instead choosing to hazard pawns in an old and intricate game. They use humans to draw the renegades out into the open, where they are vulnerable.

Kanigher only knew the names of three of the Ordinates, and we have never been able to discover the names of the others. The ones that we do know are: Eiran, Quintus, and Ginsal.


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