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The Matar

What are they? Where do they come from? These are the questions that every Knight begins with when studying the Matar. Prior to about 1950, we can find no record of them. It is only in recent years that they have come to the Order's attention.

I and a few others are of the belief that the Matar have an agenda roughly parallel to that of the Juvat. Like that organization, the Matar seem to be seeking control over the Terminus. We believe that they are a group of supernatural entities who have taken over certain Prime Loci and bent them to their will.

Perhaps as an unintentional side effect of the conditioning that the Matar put their hosts through, they have the uncontrollable ability to lower the mental balance of individuals near them. People who maintain close contact with the Matar for any prolonged period of time begin to behave irrationally and act out their base aggressions and desires. It is as if they lose the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. This, of course, renders them fairly easy to control with telepathy. Those unlucky enough to become the servants of the Matar are called the Locura. It is not uncommon to find a Matar surrounding itself with as many humans as possible. To further facilitate this, they often pose as wealthy socialites or important businessmen who always keep sizable retinues.

No one is certain if the Matar are able to "see" the future in the same way the Juvat does. However, we have noticed some of the ways in which they attempt to realize their goals.

First, the Matar are constantly seeking new Prime Loci to "possess" or "corrupt". Second, any Prime Loci that has already been reached by the Juvat is hunted and killed if possible. Third, many Matar seek lesser Loci who hold some important position of power. If possible, they are also corrupted. One example of this possession of lesser loci is the American USN Admiral, Gregory Rush.

Rush graduated from Annapolis in 1958 with honors. As a young Captain, he was the United States Navy liaison between SEAL Team-1 and the Army's Special Forces in Vietnam for most of the war. He was present at one of the greatest mysteries of the entire conflict: the disappearance of two regular Army platoons near Ha Tihn.

After Vietnam, Rush worked extensively around the world for the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). He worked as a Station Head for that agency until 1985. On June 14th of that year he was traveling from the USS Puget Sound to Seattle, WA. His helicopter ran into severe weather and was forced down on the Washington coast. Although the aircraft's wreckage was recovered, the remains of its crew and single passenger were not.

The Navy listed Rush and the Puget Sound's Helicopter crew as: Missing, Presumed Dead. Two months later a retired USN Rear Admiral Gregory Evans Rush accepted the Pentagon post as Chief of Operations for the ONI. We believe that this man is the same Admiral Rush who disappeared in Washington. Family members and co-workers described Rush as a gaunt man in his early sixties, with wispy white hair. Our agents in Washington DC claim that the new head of the ONI is a man in his middle thirties with salt and pepper black hair. The physical discrepancies and the unusual circumstances surrounding the two men lead us to believe that he was a victim of the Matar. His current position within the intelligence community gives him the power and opportunity to forward the Matar's goals.


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