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The Juvat are a relatively young organization when compared to the Knights Of St. Jerome. However, they have been both fortunate and successful in their evolution.

They were first established in the late 1800s by a group of mystics who believed that they could control the development of the future. The original meaning of the name Juvat is unknown, but it may be a corruption of antiquated Latin code.

The Juvat have been a source of hot debate within the Order almost since they were created. They are, in the most accurate terms, a highly rigid and structured fellowship of precognitives. They are enormously wealthy and have agents throughout the world.

Juvat Organization

According to research done by Walter de Mesnil, the first generation of Juvat were brought together and trained in France sometime between 1861 and 1863. These individuals became the leaders of the Juvat and named themselves the Advocates. They were all precognitives of the highest order and had the added benefit of being, apparently, Immortal.

Within the Juvat a strict hierarchy exists. Advocates occupy the highest positions with Attendant Juvat just beneath them. Adepts are highly skilled precognitives and experienced field workers. They usually are chosen to recruit Juvat cells and maintain contact with operations abroad.

One Attendant is chosen every fifteen years for the position of Attendant Director. It is this person's responsibility to coordinate the activities of other Attendants, Adepts, and Apprentices operating within cells out in the field.

Adepts make up the bulk of the Juvat. They are the ones who actually take an active hand in manipulating events in hopes that they can create a specific future. They also contact and train the majority of Apprentices.

Apprentices are new members of the organization. They are the lowest level of the Juvat. Adepts are constantly seeking out precognitives for membership, but rarely find them. As a result, many Apprentices do not have the ability to "see" the future. Our best estimate is that only a tenth have abilities useful enough to give them a chance at advancing to the rank of Adept.

Juvat Cell Doctrine

At the turn of the century the Advocates of the Juvat discovered that our Order had been observing them and their activities since 1880. As a result they adopted a "cell" method of operation in 1905. Attendants were instructed to contact and initiate small groups of specialized individuals who believed in, and agreed with, the Juvat's principle goals. Members of these cells were to be known as Adepts and Apprentices. No one within the cell would know who was above their recruiter, or who had recruited him. They, in turn, would eventually separate and organize new cells.

The obvious advantage of such a system is the incredible security that it creates. It makes it nearly impossible for infiltrators to penetrate very far into the organization. Also, if any member of a cell is suborned, he or she is unable to betray anyone beyond their own cell.

Juvat Galleries

Gallery is a generic term that the Juvat use to refer to various safehouses scattered across the globe. These sanctuaries range from private homes to corporate skyscrapers. The very first Gallery was an actual art gallery located in St. Vivien de Medoc on the coast of France. It was owned by a man named Elias Talamantes and used as a gathering place for the Advocates at the turn of the century.

Every Gallery is owned and maintained by people who are sympathetic to the Juvat. They can be used at any time by members in need. If a member is in danger or in need of assistance, they are trained to find the nearest Gallery.

The Largest Gallery is in New York City and operates on the surface as a large and successful investment firm named Cross & Associates. This the heart of the Juvat administrative network. Cross and Associates oversee all financial matters ranging from the acquisition of property to wiring money to agents in the field.

Juvat Advocates

In the late 1800s, a mysterious man named Gregor Petrovitch gathered fifteen men and women together in Paris, France to found the Juvat. These individuals each brought a "gifted" child with them with the express purpose of one day controlling the outcome of the Terminus. The fifteen children would later become the Advocates of the Juvat.

Not much is known about the Founders, aside from Petrovitch only a few names and some obscure records seem to exist. There is very little information available concerning them. Gregor Petrovitch is perhaps the best documented, I have uncovered some records that may have placed him in a small Russian village that bordered the Ukraine in the year 1742. At that time he appeared to be a man barely forty years in age.

The following is a list of the various Advocate's psuedonymns (coincidentally, each name is taken from a poem titled: "Hymn to Adversity"). It is not known what significance their names may hold.


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