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Immortals walk among us. They cloak themselves well, but have revealed their nature to us in dreams, legends, and through their own guarded writings. The Amaranthites are the darkness at the edge of night. Responsibile for the vampire myths of Europe and Asia, they have descended the great road of history in our shadow.

Today, they still lurk in shadows, and from those shadows they reach out to grapple with a history that they are inextricably bound to. The Amaranthites represent a competitor that man is unaware of ,and perhaps unprepared for. It is fortunate that most of them are reclusive and poorly organized.

Those who have stood out have pulled the strings of history, nudging us this way and that. They have had a hand in everything from the fall of angels to the defeat of Rome. It is these creatures more than anything else that has consumed the bulk of our Order's inquiry. Yet despite the fact that we have investigated them since our inception, we still know precious little.

The Amaranthites could be the greatest windfall that man has ever known. Or they could herald the coming apocalypse. They are a variable that could prove disastrous or fortuitous. And behind every theory, every investigation of them that we undertake lurks the question: what should we do?


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The Immortal
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