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The Host

The Host refers to all those non-corporeal beings that occupy what is otherwise known as the "spirit" world. With the exception of an astral projection, spectral beings are creatures of varying intelligence who do not maintain a material form in their natural state.

Our Order has investigated hauntings and other spiritual phenomena off and on since we first became aware of them. However, since the main focus of our energies is directed at beings and organizations that can be documented in a linear and inter-related way, study of the Host has been haphazard at best. Still, there are aspects of the Host which lend themselves to investigation. Those spirits who interact with one another and pattern themselves after the angels of the three Christian religions are the subject of a small but focused group of Knights.

The Seraphim, or Angelic Choir, have been of particular interest to us as they do maintain that they are actually angels. The bulk of research done in this field was the result of two different Knights in separate eras.

Thomas Magnusson was born in 1848, in Girgenti Sicily. A complete personal file for Magnusson is kept in the Order's archives at our library in Rome, and is available for inspection. His lifelong preoccupation with the Seraphim began in 1868, just as he was entering the sixth year of his studies. Although he only lived to be forty-eight, he is the Knight most responsible for their study.

In 1950, Abbot Marie de Quincey built on Magnusson's work and began to study the possible aims of the Seraphim. Her assessment and theories are the basis for the current movement within the Order that is interested in producing a more detailed analysis of the Host in general, and the Seraphim in particular.

The following is a short excerpt from the rather sizable research that Magnusson did prior to his death in 1896. The complete analysis was given to our Consular Abbots and was eventually catalogued in our French Library.

"...the Seraphim have no true shape or form. They are part of the great Host of Spirits that cling to the waking world and have no doubt given rise to countless legends and superstitions. They are ghosts and specters, but are not the shades of men. They have never been "alive", and certainly have never experienced a physicality that we take for granted every day.

Yet, the Seraphim confound me. Whereas most of the Host are little more than addled brained phantoms upon which we have foisted our fears, the Seraphim are well organized and quite capable.


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