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Old Families

The three bloodlines known as the Old Families of America have been a source of interest for our Order since the 19th century. Although they have their origins in the American Revolution, it was not until the 1800s that they began to draw our attention.

Independent occult investigators and even ghost hunting societies are not an unusual phenomena. both have existed in varied forms for centuries. It was the appearance of not only one, but three entire families of occult dabblers and investigators which brought the Old Families to the attention of our American Knights.

Upon realizing that the Pagets, Bishops, and Harpers of New England were a unique occurrence in almost the whole of documented history an investigation was initiated. At the urging of Consular Abbot Dewitt, an open ended observation and file was begun. In addition, a separate investigation was undertaken concerning each family's origins.

Captain William Bishop, Sergeant Patrick Harper, and Colonel Richard Paget all served in the Continental Army under Washington. However, the only other mention of them that can be found during this time period is an incidental account which would seem to place each of them at the Battle of Trenton. It is not known whether or not the three had met prior to the war, though it seems unlikely. Following the American bid for independence, the three soldiers settled down in parts of New England and each began a family.

Next to nothing is really known about these men, and it is their descendants who mainly interest us. Members of each family have served in almost every major war fought by the US. It is during these periods that they have had some of their more interesting endeavors. As a result of their "obsession" with the supernatural, the Old Families have built up quite a reputation within certain circles.

They are self styled occult experts and operators who have managed to involve themselves in some of the more bizarre supernatural events in American history.

Despite their long tradition of occult involvement, there are those who would argue that the Old Families rely more on luck than knowledge. As proof, they point to the Paget bloodline. Only four descendants of this line remain today, due mainly to the disastrous actions of the family in the 1920s.

Shortly after W.W.I, a young man named Timothy Cochran entered seminary school. He had served in the trenches of the Great War, and during that time spent in France, he had been a witness to angel manifestations. He, and a fellow soldier named Victor Paget quickly became obsessed with understanding the "angels" that they had seen. However, soon after their mutual sightings, Timothy was wounded quite badly and was sent home. Upon returning and entering the priesthood we contacted and invited him to join our ranks.

Hoping that their prior relationship would be enough to make contact with at least one of the Old Families, Presiding Abbot DeWitt sent Timothy to contact Victor Paget in 1925. It seemed like an ideal situation, using their friendship, the Order could reveal itself to the Old Families in a slow and controlled manner. The fact that Victor had essentially isolated himself from the rest of his family also meant that we would not have to worry about unwanted suspicion or inquiry. It was an opportunity that had to be taken.

Timothy was led to believe that his assignment was further study of angels, and for reasons of secrecy, was told not to tell Victor Paget anything about the Order until a later date. This would prove to be a terrible mistake.

While working with Paget, the two had made inroads into and angel worshipping cult in Africa. Timothy was certain that the cult was in possession of several books of angel "lore". We believe that this was the impetus that prompted him to attempt an infiltration of the cult. Without warning, Timothy suddenly disappeared. Alarmed, Presiding Abbot DeWitt quietly sent out an urgent message to the Catholic infrastructure in Kansas City: any information about Timothy Cochran would be wired to the Order with all possible haste.

A short time later Timothy's body was discovered in a local brothel. His body was covered with tattoos and ritual scars. The Knight that was sent to claim his body was convinced that African ritual magic had been used to kill him.


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