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The United States is sectioned into three different regional areas of operation: East Coast, West Coast, and Central. Each region is controlled by a Field Office, there is one in Washington DC, Denver, CO, and San Francisco, Calif. Excluding the DC office, Field Offices are usually staffed by about thirty personnel and one Deputy Director. However, to cover the vast areas in each region, several Out Region Offices are established throughout the continental US. These Out Region Offices almost always consist of no more than one or two DSI agents called ROs (Regional Officers).

The ROs are the investigative arm of the DSI's Special Operations branch. They are charged with the task of rumor hunting and the initial investigation of official cases. Their main purpose is to gather information and brief their superiors, and if the case warrants it, call in the Threat Response Teams (TRT). Because of their unique and often uneventful duties, ROs usually operate under other Federal or State capacities such as Forest Rangers and Game Wardens. Their employment as low profile government agents allow ROs to operate in relative anonymity and still receive their pay from the government. Unlike TRT or clean up crews, ROs are the agents most likely to come into contact with the public, therefore, they rarely engage in "wet" or "black" operations.

Because of their isolation and wide ranging responsibilities, ROs are generally the most highly skilled operatives in the field. They are trained in several different disciplines and only become ROs after serving with one of the TRTs or clean up crews. They are the men and women who occupy the strata between the "wet" field operatives and the upper echelon staff. In fact, almost every Special Operations Executive Officer has been a RO.

As of 1965, there were three twelve man Threat Response Teams under the Special Operations branch of the DSI. One was posted at each Field Office. However, in 1966 Team-3 was lost in the Salem Seven incident.

It is the duty of the Threat Response Teams to contain or suppress threats of a paranormal nature. The TRTs are usually called in when a RO has determined that a threat exists and must be dealt with as quickly as possible.

SpecOps recruits most of its members from the top five percent of military academy graduates. These soldiers are then cross trained in several different Special Forces programs. After extensive cross training the recruits are taken to a special SpecOps proving ground somewhere in the Colorado Rockies. Here the TRT operatives are familiarized with existing and past supernatural threats.

The TRTs are, however, first and foremost fast reaction forces. Their primary function is to contain or suppress any threat of unnatural origin. However, secrecy is absolutely paramount in their operations. This restriction generally prevents them from mounting large scale operations with the use of helicopters and the like. TRTs use unmarked vans and minivans as transportation whenever possible.

The clean up crews are groups of agents who move in after the TRTs and "sanitize" areas. Their duties may include the disposal of bodies, evidence, or media black-out.


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