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Caledonian Council

The journals of Cross Knight Ross, in addition to the testimony of Mr. Kanigher, are the primary documents used to familiarize members with the "Bloodless". These two texts have set the tone of for all of our dealings with this immortal race.

Samuel Ross was the foremost Amaranthite scholar within our Order. By the time he was thirty, he had wandered all over Europe and Asia following legends and folklore to find the truth behind the mystery of the Amaranthites. His entire life was spent in the pursuit of their origins. However, for the purposes of this document, only a fraction of his researches and notes have been included. For a more detailed account, refer to the computer tape files stored in the Roman archives. What follows is mainly an account of the end of the old Amaranthite order.

    ...and so the Wards of Armere in Scotland actually go back to Roman times; to the century just before the Amaranthites called their final assembly. The wall encircling Loch Armere was constructed by order of the Roman Caledonian Governor, at the request of a powerful and influential Amaranthite named Thracio.

    Physically, the grounds surrounding Armere are nothing short of spectacular. Secluded in the highlands beyond Hadrian's Wall, the Loch is a strong focal point for potential magicks.

    Oddly enough, there is no archeological evidence of Scots, Picts, or even Romans between Armere's wall and the Loch itself. An area measuring roughly two hundred kilometers extends from Hadrian's wall northward and encompasses the Loch and its standing wall. I believe that the area immediately surrounding Loch Armere was controlled and maintained by the Amaranthites for the purpose of large gatherings. Several monolithic stone Wards still stand within the deteriorating remains of Armere's walls.

    These Wards act like focusing lenses for magicks. Those who can contact other minds have a particularly difficult time within the enclosure created by the Wards. Their ability is absorbed and amplified back at them by the stones. If a mage or "gifted" individual who is near the Wards does not attempt to use their abilities, then the stones merely create a feeling of uneasiness. However, anyone actively using their "gifts" or engaging in the use of magicks will have those powers directed back at them a hundred fold.

    According to my research, Thracio spent nearly seventy years of study and meditation placing all of the Wards. This was done to protect those who would one day gather in that place.

    At the time, the Amaranthites were essentially peaceful and well organized, with a central council called the Allegiantheum, which held an assembly every few decades. They maintained a loose policy of secrecy where humans were concerned. They also put draconian restrictions on those Arts which could only be used for destruction.

    ...but everything that they had accomplished was overshadowed by a current of instability that was sweeping through some of the older ranks. These Fathers and Mothers had lived in the times before Greece and Egypt, but even they could not remember their exact origins.

    A long series of executions were performed by the Allegiantheum in the first century before the birth of Christ. At the time, only the very oldest were killed. Such drastic measures were deemed necessary because of the incredible powers that they possessed. A madness that gripped the most powerful was a threat that the Allegiantheum was not prepared to face.

    But cutting out the roots didn't kill the spread of the vine. All of those offspring that had spread to Africa and Asia were slowly becoming aware of the disease that they carried within themselves. Thracio was one of the first to realize the possible implications of his immortality.

    Five centuries later, in the year 466, the inevitable occurred. A large group of the oldest Amaranthites led by Lord Valkan declared their succession from the Allegiantheum. A full assembly was called for by the remaining Allegiantheum. The area in Caledonia known as Armere was chosen as the meeting place.

    Samuel Cheever Ross
    Savant Knight of the Cross 1754

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